Our key Features



Our Mission

We are artists who met for the purpose of launching a multinational cultural project, because we believe that:

  •  the world has become a continuous village connected to each other,
  •  that culture is the soul of the human entity while the economy is its body..
  • that humanity possesses infinite treasures of cultural resources if we Pay attention to it and present it to the world will help in further communication, understanding and peace between different cultures,
  • and in particular more integration into the contemporary civilized form towards which humanity is moving.


Our Goals

However, we acknowledge that the backbone of any success in any project is the economic aspect.. Great works would not have succeeded if they had not turned into an investment with a rewarding financial return.. Therefore, we seek – in addition to searching and communicating with artists from different cultures – to Communicate with investors to persuade them to adopt various cultural projects and making them a vital area of ​​investment, considering their orientation to seven billion people.


Why Us?

In the beginning, our activity will be in the city of Stuttgart and its surroundings, with the hope that we will later expand to the entire state of Baden-Württemberg and then to others, hoping that our business will reach its required global extent.


Our Team

Neji Wannas




Sahbi Mansour


Know More?

Contact us if you have any questions or you want to know more about us or our projects.